Marbella II.
May 27, Saturday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Supersonic whip, and Sacred weapons of cultures

IEC Conference: 2023

The physical and mental general benefits of martial arts are known. When examined from the perspective of the left quadrants and the SD model, new potentials emerge.

My initiations to the transpersonal levels are the supersonic whip – as a sacred weapon, and my soaring horse as a companion.

The “holy struggles” of religions, cultures, mythologies, and astronomy systems show a fascinating connection. Archetypal power images, etymological connections and an inner warrior standing for the sacred mission point to the Ancient Power living within us, the Holy Fire.

The mirror of the outside world carries an important message for us. Collective traumas spanning generations affect many of us. What can bring relief in difficult questions to a spiritual, open-hearted person?

Connecting to our power, mythical teachings, and striving for healthy integration can be great catalysts for our transformations: to find the highest possible level of reactions and solutions to current challenges, both on an individual and collective level.

SZABÓ, Zoltán


I first saw a high quality whip at a martial arts competition in 2013 and I was completely blown away.

I remember what a great experience it was when, for the first time, I managed to channel the kinetic energy flowing out of me through the specially designed device, which, thanks to this, exceeded the speed of sound: it caused a sonic explosion.

Since then, I have been researching this magical tool, which appears as a healing tool in the hands of shamans, as a symbol of power in the hands of pharaohs, and as a sacred space purifier in religious systems.

As a human kinesiologist graduated from the University of Physical Education, I took my use of the whip to a professional level and helped many people learn.

After many successful domestic and international martial arts presentations and competitions, seeing the effects of the whip, as a second-year student at the Integral Academy, my attention was now diverted to something else.

Research and develop, demonstrate and teach the ‘Supersonic-Whip’ aka the ‘Supersonic Whip’ in the 4 quadrant system.