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May 27, Saturday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

A Chain of Portals to the Self

IEC Conference: 2023

Integral Wizard presents: “A Chain of Portals to the Self”

Chain of Portals to the Self

Integral Wizard was literally born from love found in hell and could be seen as the unitive counterbalancing force of duality.
The Chain of Portals contains the following with increasing amount of detail:

    • The Truth (0): high causal beacon of clarity/ Source Knowledge/ “no-context”.
    • The Imaginary (∞i ): low causal open-ended context for the blossoming human(ity);
    • The 8D (-1 | 1): a subtle multidimensional approach using the fuel of the physical realm – “Food is/as the Guru”.

These models stand separately but are part of the whole, connected through the unified formula: 0 => ∞i = √(-1) | 1 “Nothingness (0) is the womb from which infinite (∞) imagination (i) springs from as root (√) of the subtle realm (-1) projected as physical (1)”

This covers the full spectrum of reality and allows us to condense, simplify and ground the open-ended integral thinking, making it more accessible and safer for the broader community. 💜🙏



Masters in IT (double cum laude);
ex-engineer worked in global tech;
met my twin-flame, everything exploded creatively and for self-development;
discovered calling in food;
suddenly, my partner experienced psychosis;
this threw me into the deepest ends of reality;
fast-forward a few years of depression and a second psychosis;
which led to heaven on earth and intense openings to never-before-realized unifications;

a vehicle for the Integral Wizard:
– a love-based/ Unitive archetype;
– a chain of portals;
– a full-spectrum school of thought;

more specifically, I am
encoding reality, harmonizing the self;
co-founder of Art of Food Academy;
open-source crypto cloud architect;
integral investor, educator, and entrepreneur;
gardener, community builder;
husband and dad.

“Love EveryOne & tell the Truth”