Ibiza I.
May 28, Sunday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Co-creating Org Transformation with Diagnosis Tool

IEC Conference: 2023

Marc Mathys will discuss his experience of using ValueMatch, a diagnostic tool based on Integral and Spiral Dynamics, to analyze the current and desired organizational culture and structure. The goal is to enable participants to connect with their own desire for organizational development and co-create their transformation path, rather than following a management-initiated vision or consultant-led recipe.

The diagnostic process includes individual reports on personal value systems and perceptions, as well as an individual and collective report on desired evolutions based on 27 specific development lines that encompass the two bottom quadrants. The process allows for the organization to focus on current challenges and co-create transformation projects with team members. Often, the diagnostic reveals a need for a more agile and self-organized culture and structure, which allows for an organizational transformation based on genuine needs and desires.



Marc Mathys is an accomplished specialist in organizational transformation, a certified professional coach, and a serial social entrepreneur. He holds an Engineering degree, an MBA in Responsible Management & Leadership, and has extensive experience in management positions.

In 2018, Marc co-founded Paradigm21, a Swiss-based company that specializes in guiding organizations on the path of transforming their culture and structure to more agile, distributed, and human-centered models. Their approach is grounded in Spiral Dynamics and Integral Vision combined with some sociocratic and holarchic methods.

As a B Corp certified company, Paradigm21 is deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility. Marc also shares his expertise by teaching several courses, including Reinventing Organizations, Social Entrepreneurship, Trust-based Sales, and Transformational Leadership, in bachelor and masters curriculums.