Creating contact for a sustainable future

IEC Conference: cancelled

In any field of human interaction we want to influence and be influenced. If we don’t have access to or don’t want to use domination tools of influence, we need to use other methods. One powerful way is to establish contact with people. It might for example be people in your close relationships, colleagues at work or in school, or decision makers in different forms of power structures. Regardless if it’s an individual or an organization you want to influence, the basic interaction is between you and another human being. If you want to create lasting sustainable change, then your ability to establish contact is crucial. In the workshop we will have the chance to practice different forms of contact creating techniques through Nonviolent Communication (NVC). We can be fully present with what is important for another human being by listening with empathy. And we can express what’s important for ourselves with honesty, without blaming or judging other people.



Joachim Berggren is a certified CNVC trainer. He helps individuals and groups to create and develop sustainable relationships through Nonviolent Communication (NVC). With inspiration from Integral theory, NVC and meditation