May 27, Saturday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

DIE & GET RE-BORN: Unleash the power of darkness

IEC Conference: 2023

We are all seeking the light – we are all striving for true freedom, happiness & inner fulfilment, yet it´s collectively a striving from a place of victimhood and scarcity. We are dreaming about an easygoing and abundant life while ignoring that ease & abundance have always been with us. Back then, when we were still a fetus, we abundantly had it all, a safe, warm place, well-functioning cells and we didn´t even need to do anything for that. We were surrounded by abundance and ease. Still, in the same time we were trapped in pure darkness, not knowing what happens to us. As we were born through the dark and narrow tunnel of our mothers womb, which was for sure not a pleasant journey, we eventually faced the light of life – we got blessed with this mircale through darkness & pain. This philosophical talk invites you to allow the idea that life is not just only about being free, happy & fulfilled but also about embracing the transformational power of darkness. Rather than living on a planet of love we are living on a planet of growth who loves evolution. If we got blessed with all what we´ve ever wanted immediately, would happiness still be possible? Would we know how it really feels to be alive?



Tanja is a soul walking on planet earth – like everybody else, though different. Her own path from subconsciously betraying her authentic self over decades, feeling defeated and victimized by herself – without even knowing –  she eventually realised that everything that she went through had the potential to get the best out of her. She found the blessing in the darkness on a cellular level. It was one of the so-called “Spiritual Awakenings”, hopefully many more to follow. As a certified Life Coach by Veit Lindau and aspiring Breathwork Teacher she aims to offer profound transformation within oneself in order to unfold their inner essence from a place of freedom, deep authenticity & fulfilment. Feeling drawn to the depths of human being she helps people to understand darkness as the servant of light. Tanja believes that we all came here to experience life to the fullest & this century is about a collective shift into the authentic self, experiencing who we truly are, on a physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual level. Dropping masks, fully acknowledging all parts of your Self & expressing them in a healthy way is what prepares us for the next level – the rising of the Phoenix.