Marbella II.
May 28, Sunday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Entrepreneurship & The Oncoming Triple Singularity

IEC Conference: 2023

A singularity describes a threshold point from which there is sufficient environmental change resulting in radically different outcomes from prior states. This is what happens in black holes, and this is certainly what is happening in multiple aspects of our reality on earth as we speak.

We are observing Kurzweil’s singularity where technology innovations like AI, longevity medicine and CRISPR are changing what it means to be human.  Societies around the globe are in an upheaval as we see signs of empire collapse in the Western world. Lastly, individuals are certainly reaching towards the second tier “tipping point” we’ve so eagerly been awaiting.

It is obvious that these singularities in the “I”, “We” and “It” domains will bring massive novelty and transformation, and we need to ensure that it will also be integratable to assure our survival.

I will demonstrate that the leaders of this integration need to be Integral entrepreneurs and what that will structurally and functionally look like in application.

Traditional employment is steadily declining as more people move towards passion and freedom oriented work opportunities showing that there is a steady influx of those entrepreneurs who are increasingly incentivized to offer solutions for the ever complexifying landscape we find ourselves in.

Entrepreneurship has long been correlated with the personal thriving movement because entrepreneurs inevitably recognize that aspects of their success is necessarily correlated with inner transformation in addition to skill-based learning.

Simultaneously, research shows that Millennials and following generations are demanding more personal evolution as a part of their professional experience.

All of this sets the stage for massive growth in the Upper Left quadrant creating inevitable transformation in the Lower Right social and cultural systems of work and professional purpose.

This presentation results in immediately applicable ways of applying Integral for Entrepreneurs that draws on current research as well my professional practice as both a healer and coach for entrepreneurs over the last 13 years as well as my work as founder of the Transformational and Coaching Industry Research Lab.  My clients have included Forbes “30 under 30”, Shark Tank™ appearees and C-Suite executives in my individual, retreat and mastermind settings.


United States

Dr. Matt Kreinheder has been bringing Integral Theory into entrepreneurship for the past decade through his speaking, writing, transformational retreats, coaching and healing work.  He has helped entrepreneurs create businesses that can be amplifiers of evolution and the triple win.  As a student of the Eastern nondual traditions for over two decades with a dedication to Zen, he is now bringing that focus into his work as Director of Theology for the Temple of Wholeness – a church organization designed on Integral Frameworks and serving the spiritual but not religious. He holds undergraduate degrees in Business and Music, A Masters in Acupuncture and a Doctorate in Chiropractic.  He is currently pursuing a PhD in Integral Noetic Sciences at the California Institute of Human Sciences and is the author of the book Awakening the Mystics – A Rally Cry for the Dormant Mystic Archetype in the Time with Need It Most.