Good Companies. The economy of humanity’s purpose.

IEC Conference: cancelled

Let’s pause, take a step back, and reflect on cardinal questions about the meaning of our business activities:

  • Why does working in companies feel so disconnected from our lives? 
  • Why are we not proud of the observed outcomes of our work, even if we spend our whole adult lives working? 
  • What will happen to us, and to the planet if we follow the current patterns of the economy, and do more of the same, just more efficiently?

I will take you on a quest to explore this pervasive anxiety and the great disconnectedness of our times. We will seek the roots of humanity’s weakness and answer the question of: How do we need to transform the business world to start serving our purpose? 

We will take a closer look at the gap between the exhibited versus expected behaviors of companies. What keeps them anchored in the past and not reacting to our evolving awarenes and needs?

We will look beyond the current well-established role of business and the principles of the economy.

The talk will offer you an aspirational alternative framing for economy. I call this economy the Integral Economy.


And lastly, we will construct a vehicle of change, based on the eight transformational stories to drive us between these two. Sometimes it’s easier than we think!

My talk is meant to ignite your aspirations, and to inspire you to take part in a collective effort of pursue a better future for future generations.



I am a modeler. I observe reality and build models that mimic it to simulate its behaviors. Then I act. I studied physics and computer science.

I am also a shaman. I find ways to look beyond the dominant perspectives. Oftentimes, better solutions can be found if we remove ourselves and our group’s biased views from the center of the scene and grasp an alternative perspective.

Technological challenges are mostly complicated, the challenges of human systems tend to be complex. Technology does not solve problems. People do. I work with people, people in transformation. For more than a decade, I have been an Organizational Agility coach.