Graphic Recording (visual keynote documentation)

IEC Conference: 2023

An integrally informed Graphic Recording was delivered at all IEC events since 2014, on site or online. Firstly, contributes to the participant experience in real-time. Secondly it serves as a valuable part of the post-event documentation.

In the main plenary hall, a graphic recording functions in a subtle way as a reflection surface for all participants. It feeds the stage content as well as interpersonal emergence back into the individual and collect subconscious. Content snippets from 2 days ago might merge with what is just happening and heard right in this moment. The big picture „visual resonance wall“ thus helps us to have a better IEC.

The outside world can benefit form graphic recording photos via social media. And after IEC ends the final visual will be shot in high resolution, retouched and sent to all participants. It will also become part of the official documentation.

In this way the visual work done on site helps to manifest IECs purpose as well as the 2023 topic.



I support organisations and individuals to cope with the challenges of complexity, to communicate the essence of their work and to increase their impact by the catalizing power of visual thinking. As a graphic recorder I capture the essence of a talk, an event or a group process through real time, live drawing.

As a visual facilitator, I support teams to implement visual tools for better collaboration and communication. I offer training and workshops on visual facilitation. As a visual coach, I support the development and growth process of teams and individuals.

I have worked for more than 10 years as a trainer, mentor and coach in a very green association. The focus of my work there has been to support young adults on the path of finding their authentic vocation. Together with my team, we have created several workbooks, manuals and educational tools to guide those in transition. We have been building amongst others on integral theory, Theory U and nature-based process work.

Based on this experience, during the past 5 years I have been developing Selves: a coaching card set built on spiral dynamics and enneagram, that help people deal with inner conflict and decision-making in their pivotal moments of life, using inner voices dialogue. I am excited to share this card set and method during IEC.



Mathias Weitbrecht is a global pioneer in the field of visual facilitation. Since 2005 he has developed business models & teams – always aligned with a strong purpose and combining his work with his integral training (since 2002). For transformational projects he provides value that needs no learning curve, has no time-delay & works across cultures. He is especially skilled in revealing the intangible, more subtle/energetic realities as they appear at IEC. Mathias has traveled around 80 countries and works globally.

Founder and CEO of Visual Facilitators GmbH with a team of 35 visual strategists, graphic recorders, facilitators: He has supported world-class meetings and events. The art of doing this is not only about aesthetics, but also about complexity in its web of related topics, problems & solutions. He sees his ability to oversee huge amounts of information as well as small details and inherent patterns is a gift to the world, as an integral application.