Holacracy®: Encoding Teal into your Organization’s

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Reports about the state of the modern workplace reveal the management hierarchy’s failure to unleash the potential of the people working within it. An overwhelming number of employees feel disengaged, disempowered, and disconnected from both colleagues and their organization’s purpose. The efforts of even the most enlightened leaders are all too often hampered by the constraints of the outdated system in which they operate.

How, then, can forward-thinking leaders fundamentally resolve the systemic issues that limit their organization’s potential? Teal principles and practices hold promise, but many organizations aspiring to “go Teal” struggle with the gridlock that can plague flat management or consensus-driven decision-making.

Brian Robertson, the founder of HolacracyOne, offers an inside look at Holacracy – a practical, customizable framework for self-organizing. In Holacracy-powered companies, every team member gains a voice in evolving the structure and workflow of their team. In addition, each individual holds real authority to act as the “CEO of their role,” making meaningful decisions without battling politics or power games. Today, over 1,000 companies around the world are using Holacracy to make Teal principles a reality within their organizations.


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