Ibiza II.
May 27, Saturday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

How an integral healer works in practice?

IEC Conference: 2023

Welcome to my journey! In my presentation, we will travel together through the Integral world and my history in practicing medicine.

I will present ways how you can transform Western healing methods into holistic practices. I will talk about what the patients will be experiencing and how I always involve them in their own healing process, always paying attention to how their body and soul react at an energy level. I will tell you real-life examples of “miracle” healings happening instantly.

I will be also answering some vital questions, such as: How can a practitioner be aware and consider all the changes of the body, soul, and spirit? How can one intervene so that healing occurs, and we are not just treating symptoms? How many sessions are needed for a complete recovery and how long should a session be? What would a practice room look like, so each patient feels comfortable? Why does the practitioner’s personality need to be developed for the healing process to happen?
It is not an easy journey, but if you let yourselves be guided by your soul mission and find your guiding lights, it will be beautiful. What is more rewarding than helping others?

VÁRNAGY, Emese Dr.


Manual therapist, Aroma therapist, MD

I’m an expert in holistic medicine and manual therapy. After years of being experienced in other business fields, my attention turned back to my original profession and I went back to medicine. I took part in 3 years of officially accepted courses for medical doctors, providing me with high-quality knowledge about Manual therapy. I built my own carrier in Hungary, acknowledged by my clients very well. I also learned muscular, trigger point, and sports massage on the base of Anatomy strains on my own. I finished my studies at the Aromahead Institute (USA), to become an Aromatherapist which I can combine with my other knowledge. I will finish my psychological studies in 2023 to cope with mental health on a professional level.  My Motto: The real healer looks at the whole person, she does not treat a symptom, but the body, soul, and energy body as a whole. I’m one of them. My goal is to heal my patient with a holistic view and offer them the opportunity to help themselves. My integral view of medicine has changed my method of healing to be more sincere, empathetic, and touchy with full acceptance of my patient.