How an integral healer works in practice?

I would like to hold a presentation about the integral view and my practice in medicine. How we can transform the western way of healing to the holistic view, what the patient will experience, how I used to involve them in their own healing process, and how their soul and energy body reacts. The presentation […]

An Integral Approach to Pregnancy and Childbirth

What better place to support the 2.0 version of planetary awakening than by working more consciously with the extraordinarily impactful (yet incredibly common) experience of childbirth and creation? In this engaging and interactive presentation, Brooke Radloff, M.A. PMH-C presents the need for humanity to move beyond the fragmented and flawed models of maternity care that […]

Mapping Your Shadow Crash: An Embodied Experience

In this workshop, Kim guides you on a brief deep dive into the developmental levels of your shadow. With intricate detail, Kim helps you untangle the driving passion of the soul from the survival drive of the shadow, leaving you more clear, alive, and authentic. This brief deep dive into your unknown self will help […]

The Shadow Side of Planetary Awakening:

We love individual awakening for the planet. We love planetary awakening for the individual. And we love collective awakening in general. But what is the shadow side of all this “awakening”? In this dynamic workshop, Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta team up once again to explore the science and mysticism of evolutionary awakening. But, of […]

Music 2.0: Conference comusication jam

I specialise in large-scale group musical interaction – and would love to offer this to the conference as a group energiser, if it fit the programme! Typically this could last 10-15 minutes (can be shorter if need be), and would be an interactive segment that would bring all of the delegates present into a brief […]

Music 2.0: Comusication as AQAL social technology

Come and play in the musical ‘we’ space! As a pathway to greater social mindfulness, ‘comusication’, or attuned collaborative, communicative musical improvisation is an emerging practice of musicality that can engage participants and settings across developmental levels. It offers possibilities for connection for individuals ranging from pre-verbal/sensory stages, through developing individuation and dialogue, examining communication […]

Sustainability Transformation for Planetary Health

The presentation defines sustainability transformation towards planetary health relying on an integral approach. To do so, it bridges non-western and Indigenous wisdom traditions with western literature. The argument is that it is critical to embed an approach in multiple ways of seeing, being, and doing. These must be guided by holistic views. It is hoped that […]

Nature’s we-space, home of the ecocentric self.

Join EarthMind in exploring how an interpersonal relationship with nature can be cultivated, and support our individual and collective healing and growth. UR and LR focus on technology, political and socioeconomic solutions fail to move the hearts of people into action. Ego, ethno, and worldcentric levels of self-identity must transform into ecocentric identities including the […]

Forgiveness Made Easy

Forgiveness is often misunderstood, sorely underused, yet is an essential integral life practice. Scientific studies confirm the multiple stress-reducing, wellbeing-enhancing benefits of forgiveness, but equally fascinating is our resistance to it and our reluctance to practice it. In this workshop, we’ll explore what forgiveness is, and arguably more importantly, what it isn’t. What are the […]

Love: An experiential journey through teal.

This experiential journey of love combines embodied practice with the latest research on love that identifies key changes as we progress along our evolution of consciousness. Understanding our own cosmic address along the evolutionary line of conscious development allows for an increasing breadth of love experiences and the next evolutionary challenge and bliss to come. […]