Information as The Power of Integral

IEC Conference: cancelled

Global Integral Awakens – what could that mean? Among other things, that the integral approach transcends its underlying philosophical framework and strives for meaningful application in day-to-day practice. Therefore, there is a growing need for easy-to-grasp tools that could integrate the AQAL principles with traditionally used information processing techniques. In this process, there must come to mutual emancipation and inclusion of the emotional into the mental and the mental into the emotional. This creates a new quality synergistically involving both opposing components – rational and emotional. And we need techniques at exactly this level to deal with the current challenges of our own evolution. Here we will discuss the Colour Association Method (CAmethod) as an example of such a tool. CAmethod has been in development for decades and is based on the world – renowned work of Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology and Max Lüscher the creator of the Lüscher Colour test which has been widely as a diagnostic aid since 1947. CAmethod measures respondents’ reactions using a unique online sensor. This sensor has been created after extensive research and experience and is backed up by data collection and statistical analysis on more than half a million subjects. The tests are quick, straightforward and simple but nevertheless provide robust and reliable results.



Igor is an integral coach, member of ECOIC – European Consortium of Integral Coaches. He holds university degree in technical cybernetics and MBA and is an internationally experienced digital transformation promoter. Igor is founder of Dolvea Innovation, a company focusing on the role of human factor in complex process industries like hospitals, manufacturing, but also NGOs and public services. He served also as a chairman of the Czech section of the Club of Budapest.