Marbella II.
May 25, Thursday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Integral Transcendence – Nurturing Life

IEC Conference: 2023

Last Year I presented the Integral Transcendence Model. It was a model  I developed to present my perception of living a balanced life by transcending in the 4 quadrants, with an inside out approach. And how it can achieve not only the personal serenity & peace, but also, it’s a core for world’s peace.

This year I am proposing to present Part 2 of this Model, Integral Transcendence “Nurturing Life”. A model focusing on the two lower quadrants: We & Its. Questioning how we can integrate peace, freedom & love into our relationships. And also, how we can contribute to our society in order to make it Serene, Healthy & Productive. Is it a dream to live fully Integrally? Is it possible? Are there challenges? Are there opportunities? Let’s explore it together.


Human beings are social beings. We are created to know each other, to inspire each other, to teach each other & sometimes to challenge each other so that we can create opportunities for growth to each other & hence to the Universe. Yet, sometimes saying is easier than doing. In the real-life daily engagement, we are not only faced by our own wounds, we are also faced by others wounds. This can make us move in the opposite of this Universal law of being Social Being. Taking distance, being isolated can be peaceful, but this led to more of separateness. We are here for a reason, for a mission, for a contribution with our own Essence & Light to engage in the universe. Being separate will make this mission “fine” but not complete. Engaging in life after waking up is crucial to “walk the talk” to test our awakening, our consiousness, to face & overcome challenges, to cascade humanity values that can be missed. In this point, we are going to see the different theories studying the psychology of relationships. Also understanding the Enneagram helps in more understanding & brings more compassion to the Relationship & finally questioning people of their understanding of a healthy relationship & what are their needs will guide us more for practical way to propose on the ground ideas to nurture life with healthy relationship embracing more diversity & creating more compassion & peace.


Business & Financial Independence

Business is so important for societies & countries. It creates goods & services for the society to cover its needs, it provides employment opportunities for many people that can help them reach financial independence & live better lives. I creates meaning & purpose for life. It reduces poverty remarquebly.   Yet recently the employment relationship is described by “Slavery”. Highlighting the fact that there is a very big challenge between achieving business requirements, financial independence from a side & living a balanced , passionate & peaceful life from the other side. Words like self-deprecation, fatigue, exhaustion, stress, burnout, toiling, overtime dogs, and on and on are used to reflect the suffering of achieving the dream of compromising between business & employee’s needs. In business there are always training & development, yet it focuses on the Vertical development of the leader or the employee, focusing on acquiring more skills. It’s so important but it is not sufficient. Horizontal development of the Leader/ employee is as important as the vertical development, if it is not the most important. Integrating Psychology tools to business becomes essential in dynamic world full of changes, variables, expectations & aims. Using the AQAL model also will bring more meaning, purpose, depth & wholeness to the  business. Theories is so important in our understanding of the dynamics of business, but also getting as much near to the reality as possible, and getting more close to the state of Egypt in this regard, different interviews will be conducted to understand the current needs & challenges of Human Resources Directors, Business Owners & employees, we will end this part with suggestions of practical steps of implementation of the AQAL model.

EL ABD, Marwa


I am Marwa El Abd, from Egypt. I live in Egypt. I’m married & I have 2 kids. I studied in 3 languages in school. So my first language is Arabic, my second language is French & my third language is English. I graduated from the faculty of Economics & Political Sciences, in the French department coordinated with the French embassy & provided by professors from France. I then started my Master’s degree in Business Administration in Sorbonne & Dauphine universities in France. I started my professional career in the Human Resources department in BMW Company in Egypt. I had the opportunity to rotate between different HR functions, to lead many HR strategic projects & to promote to different roles in the company. I stayed there for 7 years & my last position was an Organization Development Supervisor. I moved after to the leading dairy company in Egypt “Juhayna” as a Human Resources Section Head. I stayed there for 3 years leading a lot of challenging & pioneering projects in this company. My last corporate position was HR Manger in one of the big dairy companies in Egypt.

I left the corporate life after giving birth to my second child in a quest to find new meanings for life. I needed to take a break from running after something, to run toward myself. A lot of questions I could not have answer for. A lot of impulses I don’t know why I am doing. A lot of relations needed more connections & bonding, my need to care for my children, not just to provide them with all their materialistic needs, but more of bonding, of understanding, of growing together. This need that appeared in the form of frustration from what I was doing & a hunger for learning, that leaded me to study different humanistic sciences. It started with Parenting Courses, followed by Life Coaching Courses, spiritual courses, then enneagram, integral enneagram, inner child, shadow work, transpersonal, spiral dynamics, transpersonal coaching, teaching…etc. I am in now in the process of enrollment in Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

I had the honor to assist different teachers in the programs they provide. And in the last year conference I had the honor to present my model “Integral Transcendence” that I am currently teaching. My proposal for this year as a presenter to introduce Part 2 of this model: “Integral Transcendence – Nurturing Life” as an Academic Presentation.