Neuroscience Behind the Stages Poster

IEC Conference: 2023

In the past few decades scientists have discovered a huge number of new facts regarding to the operation of the nervous system. A lot of them fit well into the upper right quadrant of the AQAL system. Some of these are described in the presentation.

On the successive Wilberian levels, new structures appear in the brain and different neuromodulators (hormones) influencing the quality of brain function become dominant at different stages of development. The polyvagal theory focuses on the lower levels, as a reliable neurological base is necessary for the healthy development of the brain. And neuroplasticity, one of the most amazing features of our brain, gives us the opportunity to consciously move up on the ladder, even toward transpersonal stages.


DANKA, Miklos


I was born in 1958 in Budapest, Hungary. I was originally an electrical engineer and worked in this profession for 20 years, partly as an entrepreneur. In the 2000s I changed and founded Ursus Libris publishing house, which publishes books mainly in the fields of Eastern and Western religions, psychology, and mindfulness, including some works by Ken Wilber. I am currently working on a popular science book, Neuroverse, which gives an insight into the workings of the gigantic neural network that makes up our brain, including popular topics such as neuroplasticity, the mechanism of action of neurohormones and psychoactive substances, and brain waves.