The colour Purple – global soul, spirituality

The Purple-archetype in Spiral Dynamics integral represents tribalistic values of safety and the relative status of one’s place in the community. But what happens when a child is raised with the logic in an ecology that holds these values dearly; but morphs through different stages and outside the tribe? BO or Purple value systems accounts […]

The Never-ending and Ever-changing Dance of Being

The key note address: Spiral Dynamics Integral – the never-ending and ever-changing dance of being human – will focus on the ontological and epistemological underpinnings of Gravesian theory. Graves postulated that “the psychology of the mature human being is an unfolding, emergent, oscillating, spiralling process marked by progressive subordination of older, lower-order behavior systems to […]

Integral: Change, Communication and Human Niches

‘Change’, when often used in light conversation, is perceived to be a simple process within an organisation. However, change within any organisation is a concept that is complex and multidimensional. In the new world of work, change is so prevalent, organisations facing challenges of communicating transformation awareness to employees, and confirming management skills are at […]

Psychedelic integration and planetary awakening

How can psychedelics truly serve lasting planetary awakening? In the last decade we could observe a resurgence, increase in popularity and even hype around psychedelics as tools for healing, personal development and numinous experiences. Even Netflix has made a 4-part documentary on them. However, with the hype there is also a growing critique of what […]

‘A place for us’ – integral education

We would like to share our journey of co-creating and delivering ‘A place for us’, an integral education two -year programme for rurally marginalized young people based in both Meerut, UP, India  (teenage children of the poor farm laboring class, experiencing abject poverty) and Cahersiveen Co. Kerry, Ireland (local Irish teenagers coming from homes where […]

Clare Graves Legacy: Pillars of Integral Thought

The work of psychologist Clare Graves, a professor at Union College in New York, represented an early contribution to developmental psychology.  Ken Wilber has acknowledged the value of Graves’ work as informing different aspects of the AQAL metatheory and its applications. This presentation based on work of a team of scholars with the Graves archives […]

Understanding the World Soul with Integral Theory

I have been pursuing a triple epistemological path during the last 20 years: the first path relates to Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy; the second path has been to renew my understanding of Anthroposophy through Integral Theory; the third one has to do with the epistemology of qualitative research methods. One of the ways that I have […]

The contribution of integral theory

HOW CAN THE INTEGRAL WORLDVIEW HELP TO DEAL WITH THE ENORMOUS PROBLEMS ON THIS PLANET? I. To understand what is going on in terms of the colors Understanding helps to not going under, not becoming over whelmed One can stand under problems, stay grounded on the earth, that is what understanding is about II. To […]

Transcending Purpose: Purposeless Meaning in Life

Novel research explored how two essential aspects of human experience relate to each other: (a) one’s stage of psychosocial maturity (operationalized through integral ego development stages), and (b) one’s conception and experience of meaning in their life. The study suggests that adults at postconventional stages of ego development experience and conceive of meaning-in-life in a […]