May 25, Thursday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Primal Play – Connection through embodied truth

IEC Conference: 2023

As human beings we are wired for connection. We long for connection and we struggle in connection. As little ones, we need connection to survive and later in life we thrive more when we feel connected.

As adults, we often build and maintain connection through verbal dialogue. Yet the majority of what we actually experience in connection happens in the body through sensations and feelings that are rarely addressed let alone expressed in the moment.

So, what would shift if we let the body do the talking? If we leave words aside and connect with another through breath, touch, sound and movement? What would be the embodied truth revealed in the moment?

Primal Play is a practice that allows for attuned meetings of such embodied truth.

It is an invitation to SLOW DOWN to feel and follow the life between you and another in this very moment without any need to get anywhere. Small movements, big awareness.

It is an experiment of tuning into the simplicity of bodies communicating as they find their ‘we space’ of connection to self just as much to another.

PILHOFER, Katharina


Katharina is an embodiment coach supporting rising solopreneurs to bring their purpose work into the world through and with the wisdom of the body. She is passionate about guiding people in finding their own direction and compass from within as well as building the inner resilience to show up confidently with what they have to offer. Katharina combines her background in business studies and HR consulting with her training in Feminine Embodiment Coaching, Somatic Experiencing and other embodiment modalities.

Besides 1:1 work, Katharina loves to create spaces where people can explore their relational self in a somatic sense. She has trained and grown with Embodied Intimacy, Authentic Relating and Circling and is passionate about weaving contexts in which human beings can bring and relate from their embodied (somatic) truth in the moment.

She is a student of Reggie Ray & the Dharma Ocean lineage, dedicated Yoga Nidra practitioner, forest worshipper and mystic at heart.