Ibiza I.
May 27, Saturday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Psychedelic integration and planetary awakening

IEC Conference: 2023

How can psychedelics truly serve lasting planetary awakening? In the last decade we could observe a resurgence, increase in popularity and even hype around psychedelics as tools for healing, personal development and numinous experiences. Even Netflix has made a 4-part documentary on them. However, with the hype there is also a growing critique of what some call the psychedelic renaissance, whilst others the psychedelic gold rush.

Personal experience, research and work in psychedelic transformation and integration have shown me that psychedelics can indeed serve as a tool for planetary awakening. The way in which this can happen, I argue, is by nurturing the importance of psychedelic integration. Simply having an experience, no matter how interesting and visually rich is not enough for lasting transformation. For psychedelics to serve individual and thus planetary awakening, there is a need of a shift beyond experience towards more integration. Proper integration would in turn lead people to develop an integrative attitude on life and perhaps even integral life practice as a nourishing soil to sustain the insights from the experiences and bring them back into daily life.



Victor Jivanescu is a psychedelic experience integration guide, a teacher of integrative practice and facilitator of transformative events. He is a former strategy consultant with a keen interest and published research in psychedelic transformation and integration.

He initially studied philosophy at Oxford University and more recently he graduated with a MSc degree from Alef Trust, focusing on consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology. His commitment to making consciousness studies and integrative practice more widespread determined him to co-found an NGO dedicated to this mission in Romania in 2017.

As of 2022, Victor started collaborating with the MIND Foundation as a Beyond Experience and Footsteps facilitator as well as Alef Trust as an integrative practice facilitator for their holistic change maker program. Victor aims to be a part of a new culture of consciousness – one that strives for wholeness, integrity, responsibility, and impact – all within the context of using and integrating the insight from altered state experiences, psychedelic or otherwise.