Psychedelic integration and planetary awakening

How can psychedelics truly serve lasting planetary awakening? In the last decade we could observe a resurgence, increase in popularity and even hype around psychedelics as tools for healing, personal development and numinous experiences. Even Netflix has made a 4-part documentary on them. However, with the hype there is also a growing critique of what […]

Ayahuasca – Stories of Experience

We will be telling our stories of our recent visits to Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. Within a week, up to 90 participants experience their “miracle”. This is brought about through four nights of ceremonies drinking Ayahuasca, a plant medicine served by Shamans coming from a 5000 year old lineage from the Amazon […]

Guided Psychedelic Journeys for Personal Growth

Supported psychedelic experiences have great potential, and bring with them great responsibility. In this presentation you’ll hear what success factors can be deduced from the many hundreds of people we have supported at Guided Tripping. We’ll touch on preparation and integration, the varieties of experiences, and go into risks. Interestingly enough those are not so […]

PowerShift and Emergent New Leadership

For millennia humans have developed stories about power and leadership, of which many have been of great service to humanities thriving. Yet, mostly over the past century, these stories have begun not only to lose their usefulness, but to create disruptive and even life-threatening harm to our planetary livelihood. More and more people are awakening […]

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