Ibiza II.
May 24, Wednesday
09:00 – 12:00
Budapest (CEST)

Seeds of wisdom

IEC Conference: 2023

When you join us in this workshop, you bring your culture, your roots, your knowledge and experiences and all your unique qualities. We follow the core idea of integral theory and life here, to collect and spread all the treasures that human existence can offer: good energies, elevating ideas, positive emotions, joyous feelings, open-hearted attitudes, clear thoughts, deep reflections.

Of course, a small workshop is not enough for an extensive collection. Instead, we aim for an intensive collection: any goods that you may have inside in the here and now. Just live and share them: the wisdom of body, the wisdom of heart and the wisdom of mind.. Spread these seeds into the noetic field. We invite you to join us in the presence of love, joy, care, inner peace, and gratefulness.

In this workshop you will find creative visualization, guided meditation, bodywork and free dance. It is enough to express yourself by your presence, but of course we will be glad if you share your truth, beauty and good in other ways as well.



Katalin Gátfalvi is a mental health professional, coach with an integral approach, focus trainer, breathing trainer, relaxation trainer, and symbol therapist. She has met with free dance at MA-URI® INSTITUTE for the first time. Then she deepened her knowledge on variegation of movement and music experiencing in 5Rithm dance meditation sessions. She experinenced the connection of music and breathing when she studied transbreathing and integral psychology for three years in the Institute for Transpersonal Breathing. She is a personal and group consultant and trainer since 2008. She is currently undergoing training as a focus-oriented therapist.

KISS, Olga Dr.


Olga Kiss, PhD is a philosopher, executive, and existential coach. She is an Assistant Professor at Corvinus University and and theaches in the Business Coaching program of the University of Pecs. She is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Hungary, of which she was the Vice President of Research previously.
She was an amateur dancer (ballroom dancing, jazz dance) and studied yoga for years. Now she is interested in alternative ways of healing, and finding the connection between Western scientific knowledge, philosophy and Eastern wisdom not only in words but in her personal experience as well.