Toscana (Main Hall)
May 28, Sunday
10:15 – 11:00
Budapest (CEST)

The joy of the shared journey while in therapy

IEC Conference: 2023

I invite you to explore a way to set your consciousness to help with depth and celebration!

The relational space is an important testing ground for our evolution of consciousness, and self-help relationships, such as therapy, are an opportunity to promote it. In a meeting of this style, one of the participants asks that his possibilities to live satisfactorily be expanded.

In this talk I want to share four practices based on the integral model that have served me in therapy and outside of it to help in a loving, profound and relevant way, recognizing the other person’s path of awakening while we both connect with the joy of sharing together this path of a personal journey.



Diana is a psychotherapist and university professor in the areas of psychology and health in Colombia and Mexico. She is a professor of the specialty in transpersonal psychology at Ampydet, Mexico. Psychologist with a master’s degree in clinical and family psychology from the Santo Tomás University of Colombia, spiritual healer, family constellation guide and practitioner of body awareness disciplines.

Facilitates human development processes by designing tailored strategies for the educational, organizational, and community spheres in Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

She co-leads Hispanoamérica Integral, which is focused on contributing to the expansion of integral awareness in the Spanish-speaking population.