The Nordic Secret: A Deliberately Dev. Society

IEC Conference: cancelled

The Nordic countries managed the transition from pre-modern to modern societies better than any other societies. This was to a large extent due to the focus on large scale inner development programs implemented 100-150 years ago. The aim was to create “Deliberately Developmental Societies”. The models of consciousness development used 100 yeas ago were strikingly similar to contemporary ego-development models.



Tomas Björkman is an author and social entrepreneur with great interest in science and philosophy. Ten years ago, he founded the Ekskäret Foundation, with the aim of supporting sustainable development for individuals, organizations and society.
Tomas is the author of three books: The Market Myth (2016), The World We Create (2019) and, together with Lene Andersen, The Nordic Secret (2017). He divides his time between London, Stockholm and Berlin.