May 26, Friday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

PowerShift and Emergent New Leadership

IEC Conference: 2023

For millennia humans have developed stories about power and leadership, of which many have been of great service to humanities thriving. Yet, mostly over the past century, these stories have begun not only to lose their usefulness, but to create disruptive and even life-threatening harm to our planetary livelihood.

More and more people are awakening to the need of living a more regenerative, interconnected, and interdependent life. A beautiful variety of local and global organizations and communities are emerging from this need, carried by people yearning to serve the purpose of a wholistic approach to life. For this, a shift of our relationship to power and leadership is needed, but ­– more often than not – old stories that shape our belief systems on the deepest level form a seemingly invincible blockage on this journey.

In this presentation we will explore how accessing different states of awareness can support us in shifting our relationship to power – the power in us, in others and in all – and how this can open us up to allow for the emergence of a life affirming manifestation of power shifted and purposeful leadership in service to the web of life.



Christiane is a seasoned entrepreneur, speaker, author, and a global pioneer in the field of self-organization, and in purpose-guided life and work. She has spent the past 10+ years striving to better understand the shift in power systems triggered by self-organization and its effect on the people concerned. Following the call of her own personal purpose“The unification of love and power” led Christiane to let go of old stories and to embrace the liberation of what is emerging in their place. This journey eventually led her to writing her book New Stories of Love, Power, and Purpose; A Global Invitation to Experiment With the Unknown ( Fueled by her recent personal experience, her latest entrepreneurial endeavor is to co-found PowerShift  Journeys DAO LLC, a For-Purpose Enterprise that offers innovative programs that combine facilitated personal growth practices, entheogenic journeys, integration coaching, and community connection to unleash power-shifted and purpose-guided leadership.