Being an awareness-based instrument of change

IEC Conference: cancelled

How YOU transform into your own awareness-based instrument of change or a complex world “problem solver”? How a learning became a practice, which became a process that became a training, which became consultation and a coaching tool which became an awareness-based instrument of change, which you were in the beginning with. This is Self-transformation through self-creation.

Kirsi Mäkinen introduces her key learning of 13 years as a creative wholeness/integral practitioner and how to re-frame your own sense of reality to upgrade your perceptions and existing truths continuously, increase conscious awareness and become an awareness-based instrument of change with integration to work and whole life. Find out how her Self-System Wholeness Approach was born from her own “manipulator tool” and creative spiritual journey.

This presentation is for all those who “want to do it themselves and create something out of nothing” with entrepreneur spirit and passion for teaching and learning.



Kirsi Mäkinen is a” Creative Wholeness” or Integral practitioner with 13 years of experience from a spiritual transformation through continuous self-re-creation. Her Self-System Wholeness Approach is an experiential life practice to conscious creation, coaching and consultation and conscious problem solving that grows up towards waking-up through cleaning-up and showing-up. She helps conscious practitioners to integrate life and work with a dynamical-dialectical interplay within self, system, shadow, and spirit to increase conscious awareness, witnessing, embodied knowing and perspective-ness that helps practitioners to embody their own wholeness space by practicing everyday life while being emergently aware of who they think they are in this moment and how that influences the relationships in the process. Last year she started global approach to transform unconscious to conscious: