Marbella I.
May 28, Sunday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Doletiontherapy,a traumafriendly way of letting go

IEC Conference: 2023

Doletiontherapy is based on the fact, that every trauma, as little or as big as it is, virtually every experience, has an effect on the epigenicity of our DNA. Which has subsequently an effect on our thinking, on our emotions and on our physical well-being. Studies on transgenerational trauma inheritance show that this is also the mechanism trauma is inherited over generations.

Doletiontherapy combines various psychotherapeutic and systemic healing techniques with embodiment to feel the epigenetic reset of the past on both mind and body level.

The basis of this reset is an emotional curriculum vitae, to dive deep into the conscious and subconscious negativities of our lifespan, including the embryonic development. To work with transgenerational trauma, we use the marble race visualization, which allows us to address this efficiently back to the beginning of this game of life.

This is a one session therapy, with an intense but timeless journey back to our origin. Be curious how it works in detail. Be aware that healing and enlightenment does not have to be a protracted process. Be open for new ideas and solutions! Be ready for the now!



Born 1975 on a farm brought me into my first life profession of being a trained vet. That followed a 17-year career at the University of Munich as a scientist and lecturer in the field of physiology and immunology. Personal challenges, dealing with getting triplets and a divorce, got me into personal development, opening a complete new field of getting trained in psychotherapeutic and coaching methods. This led to my current profession and vocation being a healing practitioner, working with two major methods. A body-reset-program using healing fasting with the focus on intuitive eating in the build-up phase after fasting. And a mind-reset-method, the doletiontherapy, which merges effectively all methods of letting go negativities of the past to start life in the here and now. Both I use for my patients/clients, and I also offer both modules as training program for professional therapists and coaches.