Ibiza I.
May 26, Friday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Evolution from orange-green to teal organizations

IEC Conference: 2023

Teal models are emerging and proving valuable for the management of complexity and progress towards humanist organizations. In this paper an AQAL analysis applied to Laloux case-research methodology is proposed, as a tool to help evolution.  The model has been used in some case studies. The conceptual model compares the most relevant issues that differentiate ‘achievement-oriented (orange) and pluralist (green) from ‘Evolutionary’. The case studies seek to understand the novelty of the Teal stage from the traditional concepts of organization and human resources organizations.



Professor in the Industrial Organization and Management Science at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in the in the areas of business organizations, human resource management and corporate social responsibility (CSR). She started her career as a systems engineer in IBM, and in 1999 founded the consulting firm ENRED working on various aspects of the Information Society affecting Government, the private sector and civil society, remaining as a principal partner until 2007. Her research is on the organization of human resources in knowledge enterprises, Teal framework for organizations, networked organizations and CSR. She lectures in various universities in Spain, and is a widely published author. Ana has helped establish a number of Spanish NGOs dealing with international development, among them Aula de Solidaridad (Solidarity’s Classroom) and the Energy without Frontiers Foundation, and has served as co-chairperson of Spain’s Internet Governance Forum committee. She is also an expert in Coaching, providing coaching services to business executives of major Spanish companies.