Toscana II.
May 26, Friday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

From Equal Rights to Gender Trouble

IEC Conference: 2023

Disputes about women’s rights, gender based violence, LGBT have become one of the most controversial topics worldwide. On the one hand, the demands for gender equality and the acceptance of queer and trans rights are advocated strongly mainly in Western countries. At the same time, we see a backlash on basic gender rights in many countries worldwide (like exclusion of women & girls in Afghanistan, fight over abortion rights in USA, criminalisation of homosexuality in Kenya, …).

We will be using the tools of AQAL to gain a deeper understanding of the complex field of sex, gender, identity, orientation, roles, behaviour, … unfolding with the stage development of consciousness from pre-modern value systems through the feminist equal rights movement up to today’s gender and LGBT politics.

What learnings can we take for an integral Gender Awakening 2.0?

FISMER, Raymond


Born 1956, father of an adult son, physicist. Work experience in adult education and ecological engineering. 3-year trainer education at CoreDynamik©-Institut (based on depth-psychology, body therapy and breathwork). Administration officer at Bundesforum Männer, Germany’s umbrella organization for gender equality from a masculine perspective. Workshop leader, author and researcher on male development. Board member of Integrales Forum.