From Sucess to Significance – Integral Leadership

The world is at a tipping point. It is burning in so many ways – ecologically, economically, societally, spiritually etc. – and is becoming more and more polarized. Thus being able to tip in any direction at any point. We are in need of a new style of leadership which can tackle the challenges we […]

Why Relationships Matter for Planetary Awakening

Realize why being in a healthy sustainable Integral Love Relationship not only matters for our own well-being and flourishing, but also for that of our soulmate, humanity, and future generations. Recognize that all functional systems are created by wholes who are parts of larger wholes, like whole humans who are parts of healthy couples, who […]

A Path To Wholeness: Women’s Authentic Leadership

This qualitative study provides a comprehensive understanding of how women experience authentic leadership throughout the stages of adult development, bridging Robert Kegan’s orders of consciousness and Terri O’Fallon’s STAGES. The current context is a culture deeply conflicted by women’s authority, where men and women, along with the gendered structure of most organizations, hold unconscious biases […]

Relating with Intimacy, Maturity, and Wholeness

What if tensions in relationship are invitations into a greater wholeness and degree of intimacy with self, other, and life itself, rather than a problem to be resolved?  “We may have this conflict because we need to recover our truer complexity.” – Robert Kegan In this workshop, we’ll practice in real time with relational tensions. […]

From Equal Rights to Gender Trouble

Disputes about women’s rights, gender based violence, LGBT have become one of the most controversial topics worldwide. On the one hand, the demands for gender equality and the acceptance of queer and trans rights are advocated strongly mainly in Western countries. At the same time, we see a backlash on basic gender rights in many […]

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