Marbella II.
May 23, Tuesday
14:00 – 17:00
Budapest (CEST)
Toscana II.
May 26, Friday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Integral Youth Gathering: Co-creating our world

IEC Conference: 2023

This year we have organized the first “Integral Youth Gathering” and we invite you to experience a “snapshot” of our co-creation with us!

In the first part of this session, we will present our insights about

  • what it means to gather & weave communities in an integrally-informed way,
  • the patterns that we have emerged in this process of co-creation and self-organization,
  • and just share our most enlivening experiences during this process with you.

In the second part, we will facilitate three breakouts where you can choose between

  1. continuing the co-creation process that started with the initiation of the IYG – using a practice of the We-Space In-body-ment modality, facilitated by Kaja Bienzle
  2. inquiring into the next generations of Integralists- using the U-Process, facilitated by Lennart Tjarks
  3. initiating your own gathering – using a We-Space practice, facilitated by Jakob Possert

We are excited to gather – at least a little bit – with you!

Find us here:



I delight in showing up as a companion to the next generations. Through weaving educational containers that support learners in their development, I aspire to create what I believe the world needs: a truly integral education for the 21st century that we can feel excited about.

Beyond this drive to emerge new educational patterns, I enjoy shaping our world with other integrally-inspired co-creators. I’m looking forward to connecting with you at the IEC!



Integral has fundamentally contributed to my intellectual awakening around 10 years ago now. Today I am excited to come back and make my own contribution to the movement:

During the last few years living in 10 different countries, I have been involved with different communities, intending to bring Integral Theory and practices in different ways. This effort has now culiminated in taking on the role of the Main Co-lead at the Integral Youth Gathering.

It is wonder-ful to be bringing my personal & professional passion, for supporting individuals and organizations to increase their sovereignty, to this endeavor.

I firmly believe that finding more purposeful and exciting ways of gathering can contribute to the social fabric that enables not only a Planetary Awakening (2.0) but also the emergence of an even more epic civilization.

TJARKS, Lennart


Lennart is an educator, coach and writer at imu Augsburg and focuses in his work on individual self-discovery, maturation and development of pedagogical organisations. In 2020, while being at university, he started the “Integraler Salon Augsburg” and worked for the “Integrales Forum” in the media-team. He is currently specializing on the evolutionary challenges of Gen Z and co-leading the Integral Youth Gathering. In his professional practice he prefers working with an adapted version of Otto Scharmers U-Process, trauma-informed practices by Thomas Hübl and the Integral Map of Ken Wilber. After years of mainly buddhist meditation practice and week-long silent retreats he is now studying Kabbala at the Bnei Baruch Academy.