Liberation through Creativity: an Integral View

IEC Conference: cancelled

What does F.M. Dostoevsky’s famous expression “Beauty will save the world” mean and why is it said that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”? Why art in all its forms and genres is the best means of “soul-wandering” created by mankind. What are the evolutionary advantages of art as a way of self-improvement over other fundamental ways, such as science, psychotherapy and spiritual practices? How will our world change as a result of “Creative Evolution 2.0” when a much larger number of people open their creative dimension and follow the Path of the Creator? First of all, the perception of beauty is associated with the development of an increasing ability to distinguish in all sensory, emotional and semantic modalities. We can see in other people, works of art and the world only what is in ourselves. Further, we need to become brilliant exponents of ourselves in all the languages we own, because everything that is not expressed remains not perceived. And finally, with the help of art, we can easily get out of the cage of our perception and vividly experience the lives of other people and all the wealth of the world. The workshop places special emphasis on revealing the mysterious connection between madness and creativity and removing the fear of madness through its in-depth comprehension. The application of the acquired knowledge in the main types of creative activity is shown.

MAYKOV, Vladimir Dr.


Ph.D. Author of «Transpersonal Project» (2007). President of the Russian Association of Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy, Chair of Transpersonal Psychology at Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis.
Author of four books, including «Transpersonal Project» (2007). Film director of “The Dance of Infinity” (2015), “Tools for Evolution” (2019), “The Secret of Carlos Castaneda” (2019) and 20 interviews with transpersonal pioneers, artists and spiritual masters “At the Origins” (2016-2017).