Ibiza II.
May 25, Thursday
15:30 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)

Memes Of Growth

IEC Conference: 2023

In this workshop, hosted by Laszlo Karafiath and Thomas Hermann, we will combine a timeless synthesis of memes, archetypes and Wilberian structure stages to explore our inner maps. With this simple, yet powerful combination, participants will easily recognise and gain control over the qualities of each stage of development. From magenta, red, amber, orange, green and teal, along with their pairs of archetypes from the collective unconscious. Accompanied by the minimal necessary theory, participants will do individual work as well as a shared constellation of this synthesis. By the end, they will have a clear set of embodied abstractions to efficiently continue their growth.



Spending my adolescent years on the early internet, I’ve had the pleasure of being confused in a time when Ken Wilber youtube videos existed. By the time I starting a psychology undergrad in one of UK’s top 10 universities, I’ve worked with Philip Zimbardo, became coach, and I was determined to ponder spiral dynamics, the tao and (or rather in) altered states in a professional context. To my disappointment, none of the professors had known Wilber, nor Beck, Kegan, Cook-Greuter, neither were my course mates into these juicy abstractions. So as covid hit the 3rd term of my first year, I moved on and joined the 3 year Integral Psychology course at home, in Budapest. Along with my personal processes and explorations of my age related topics, I specialised in integrating mediums, memes, generations. Became a speaker, as well as a Gen Z group facilitator.