Shadow Work in Past Life Therapy

IEC Conference: cancelled

Viktória will talk about past life regression therapy and how such an “exotic thing” may help to progress the evolution of human consciousness to the next, truly integral stage. The special emphasis will be on shadow work. It will be elaborated that the concept of reincarnation is understood differently at different stages and therefore, at each stage, different types of therapeutic techniques can be applied. At the highest levels, past lives are seen as the evolving continuity of consciousness or even as the eternal expressions of a singular consciousness. On these high levels of psycho-spiritual understanding, past life memories can be used as a training ground to become aware of evolutionary patterns and accelerate development in the present life (e.g. by becoming aware of moral blind spots or detect the positive intention behind negative behavioural expressions). Shadow work, for it to unfold its full potential, must be applied in all ‘four quadrants’: taking into consideration its exterior as well as interior, its individual as well as collective aspects. These various expressions are demonstrated with case studies from Viktória’s hypnotherapeutic practice. It will be concluded that in order to overcome our collective shadow, which currently keeps us in a state of dissociation and denial, we must make every move we can to bring upon the collective consciousness, even if our minds cannot yet comprehend, only intuit what that means.

DUDA, Viktória


Viktória is a spiritual anthropologist, hypnotherapist and writer. A series of spiritually transformative experiences prompted her to leave an academic career and pursue independent research about the nature of consciousness. Born in Budapest, she lived in seven different countries and conducts sessions internationally and online in English, German and Hungarian. She has a Ph. D. in social anthropology from the University of Vienna and is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.