Social Permaculture: Integral Tools for Awakening

IEC Conference: cancelled

Permaculture is commonly known as integrated gardening/farming, as it has traditionally focused on “Earth Care.” Despite that focus on the “exterior,” permaculture was always meant to be a whole systems approach to sustainable living. In recent years “Social Permaculture” has been emerging, building on the social changes initiated in the 60s, and going beyond the “Green Meme” values and into the 2nd Tier of Spiral Dynamics. Jillian Hovey has been ahead of the curve and a leader in Social Permaculture for most of her career, and is now an Elder in the global permaculture community, helping permaculture to become more Integral. Centered around the fundamentals of mutually supportive Needs & Yields in permaculture design applied to Self, Other, and the Collective, this workshop will give a foundation of permaculture, offering opportunity to do some Upper Left work, which will build a Lower Left culture, which honours and supports the complex evolutionary dance that we are in at this time.

HOVEY, Jillian


Jillian Hovey is a wholistic practitioner of regenerative systems design, with a  focus on permaculture and eco communities. She works creatively and collaboratively with individuals and groups, and has supported a wide range of projects in 40 countries across 5 continents over the past 30 years. Since early in her career, Jillian has seen the deep need for skill development in “Human Ecologies.” She is an advocate of an Integral worldview with a focus on meeting healthy human needs in regenerative ways as we transition to the 2nd Tier of Spiral Dynamics.