Marbella I.
May 27, Saturday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Sustainability Transformation for Planetary Health

IEC Conference: 2023

The presentation defines sustainability transformation towards planetary health relying on an integral approach. To do so, it bridges non-western and Indigenous wisdom traditions with western literature. The argument is that it is critical to embed an approach in multiple ways of seeing, being, and doing. These must be guided by holistic views. It is hoped that bridging western and non-western and Indigenous wisdom traditions as part of the creation of an integral approach will offer a broader, more holistic, and inclusive approach to sustainability transformation toward planetary health for greater effectiveness during our VUCA times.

KRAUSE, Wanda Dr.


Wanda Krause, PhD, is Program Head of the MA in Global Leadership, and Associate Professor in the School of Leadership Studies Program at Royal Roads University. Wanda has written, co-written and edited five books. Her passions are empowerment, leadership, management, evaluation, civil society, success, mindfulness and politics. She’s been involved in the founding of two centres and two MA programs, domestically and abroad, including co-founding an Integral Life Practice centre in Yukon, Canada.