What is integral to a worker?

IEC Conference: cancelled

I have been working with workers in 18 different factories, using only complexity/emergent approaches, deep democracy, theory of u, way of circle, art of hosting. Our work together walks around human rights and actually arrives to what is real and necessary in their lives. Our sessions have a flow, guiding us about human rights, also inviting any theme to emerge. Sessions are in circles, nothing to be taught, no presentation, no targets, inviting for all truths and allowing for patterns to be noticed .. I experience it as a transformation for me. Guess what these experiences mean to them, having been used to daily roles for a giant system of culture and economy? It takes them six months to be able to reply as “I am fine” rather than “we are fine”, sensing what they feel individually. And yet at the second i fall to the trap of “achievement”, they will recite Rumi or another poet about hearts and souls. he word “right” hardly ever resonates, and yet “just” is pushed to the table constantly. I see, there, the face of resilience in the form of acceptance, on the second i fall to the trap of romanticizing, they will shock me with cruelty towards themselves or their community. In the journey, our patterns interlink or delink and we become something that I don’t know and also that we are not trying to define. We are rather busy by experiencing and being without targets, goals, evaluations and yet, with inevitable shifts.

KORAL, Cihan


Cihan performs as a facilitator/unconsultant, holding spaces with ToU, Deep Democracy, AoH, Sociocracy, Way of Circle and NVC…She focuses on the inclusiveness and restorative aspect of human rights for all individuals and communities, either via her personal work or through NGO Hasat(Harvest) where she is a co-founder.