The Path of Vertical Leadership

‘The Path of Vertical Leadership’ is first of all, a path.  From where and to where I can hardly say, because this path leads out of the darkness, into the light of This Moment, and then back into the darkness. Our thinking minds are filled with ideas of who we are, who others are & […]

Nature’s we-space, home of the ecocentric self.

Join EarthMind in exploring how an interpersonal relationship with nature can be cultivated, and support our individual and collective healing and growth. UR and LR focus on technology, political and socioeconomic solutions fail to move the hearts of people into action. Ego, ethno, and worldcentric levels of self-identity must transform into ecocentric identities including the […]

Liberation through Creativity: an Integral View

What does F.M. Dostoevsky’s famous expression “Beauty will save the world” mean and why is it said that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”? Why art in all its forms and genres is the best means of “soul-wandering” created by mankind. What are the evolutionary advantages of art as a way of self-improvement […]

Forgiveness Made Easy

Forgiveness is often misunderstood, sorely underused, yet is an essential integral life practice. Scientific studies confirm the multiple stress-reducing, wellbeing-enhancing benefits of forgiveness, but equally fascinating is our resistance to it and our reluctance to practice it. In this workshop, we’ll explore what forgiveness is, and arguably more importantly, what it isn’t. What are the […]

Authentic Living

Through meditations, live music, silent connecting, sense-based exercises & intimate dialogues, James will guide you with gentle precision towards realising who you really, REALLY are, on the deepest level. From that ‘place’ of clarity and openness, you will begin to acknowledge the unconscious fear-based patterns, self-beliefs and physical clenches that block you from expressing fully, […]

Love: An experiential journey through teal.

This experiential journey of love combines embodied practice with the latest research on love that identifies key changes as we progress along our evolution of consciousness. Understanding our own cosmic address along the evolutionary line of conscious development allows for an increasing breadth of love experiences and the next evolutionary challenge and bliss to come. […]

Deep Dive Into Primal Stance

This workshop is designed to offer you insight into your earliest (stages 1 and 2) programming which generates the Primal Stance you take in your life. This Stance is comprised of trust/mistrust and domination/submission, two axes generating four combinations of positions. Your deepest, pre-verbal shadow is discovered here. being pre-verbal, it is not fully amenable […]

Shadow Work in Past Life Therapy

Viktória will talk about past life regression therapy and how such an “exotic thing” may help to progress the evolution of human consciousness to the next, truly integral stage. The special emphasis will be on shadow work. It will be elaborated that the concept of reincarnation is understood differently at different stages and therefore, at […]

Refugee Panel

The psychiatric part of the panel is going to analyse the elaboration of different psychological and psychiatric services offered by the Cordelia Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims. These thechniques are tailored by the needs of this multicultural and multiply traumatised group of patients. The presentation is going to demonstrate the special environmental challenges.

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