Toscana II.
May 28, Sunday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Turquoise-like Life & Business Families-Communities

IEC Conference: 2023

Authentic human live-business  Relationships in  of the near Future… what could it be about?
Could you ever image that you have the space on the earth  where you are very comfortable, deeply truly excepted  and effectively supported, sponsored and at the same time, feel you’re  going  in your own way realizing your deep, true Self?

When you can easily let yourself be beyond many restrictions and limits of the conventional conditional consciousness, when you are in the group Flow, wisely balancing the necessary rules and the uniqueness of each in this

How it could be if you are deeply with your people going through life,are realizing  your full Potential and relevantly and warmly supported in it at the same time to organically contribute to mutual  filled?

Wow! Is it an absolute utopia ? Ok…let ‘s see if we already have the seeds of the possibilities and values of this inside of us? Are there really existing examples of this trend outside ?

At this meeting, I will invite you to dream! But to dream so that it is very tangible!

I invite you to explore and self-explore this phenomenon: we will try to understand and feel what it is about and how it can be for you in real time and interaction – is this such a utopia…
!! And we will use one of many Methods of Facilitation for such teams & communities , let’s see!

Technological shared Infrastructure

– Health and a systemic healthy lifestyle

– Careful but effective and efficient feedback

– Reliance on Power sides of the People and effective use of them as a contribution to the common field through special technologies of Facilitation and AR of such groups

– Really high quality of acceptance of people, their diversity

– Effective regular work with the shadow, including after practical tasks

– An effective hybrid system of balancing freedoms and uniqueness with the need to maintain certain rules and principles of compatibility and security

– Relevant, systematic Mentoring

– search for the use of a high level of synergy in teamwork

– Care and openness in relationships based on high-level experiences

– Careful attitude to the environment and the human footprint in it

– Experiencing an atmosphere of unconditional love and unity, Healing and nourishing opportunities

Here are some aspects of being which  are realized through such systems

I hope that together we will be able to discover truly living forms of such organizations and relationships in the near future – this is a 100% joint creation for our joint Home inside and out

And it seems to be becoming critically important.


Russia / Israel

Doctor-Psychotherapist, psychophysiologist,MD, aerospace faculty of the Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg
Individual and Family psychotherapy, MAPA, Bekhterev institute, St. Petersburg
Integral Coaching, Coaching Institute, DanaCarmanIntegral, USA
Depth Coaching, International Academy for Deep Transformation
Coaching of couples, Erickson Col.International,
Family Business Consulting, Carmel Institute for Family Business, CA, USA
Process-oriented approach in counseling, Institute for Process Work, Zurich
and team and community facilitation, process-oriented leadership, DDI
Generative Coach, IAGC,California

Specialization – Supporting programs for the Integral Development of People, Teams and Partnerships in Pairs, Family Businesses and Organizations.
Since 2000 in the practice of individual and group work, facilitation.
In partnership, he created a floatation laboratory for research of creative abilities of a person, therapy and development of partner potential.
Point of interest:
How strong partnerships and communities are built to be, to create, to love and to leave a legacy
Integral approach and Transpersonal view.