Toscana II.
May 28, Sunday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

10,000 Peaceful Warriors

IEC Conference: 2023

As integral practitioners, we know that who we are is every bit as important as what we do and how we do it.  For this reason, integrating embodied presence within our professional practice is vital.  Yet how much of our awareness is encoded into our physical being?  Are we fully ready to put ourselves on the front lines, engaging with people of different belief systems and developmental capacities?  This exploration will be rooted in Aikido, a martial art that paradoxically is centered on conflict resolution, and how the posture of a peaceful warrior offers a grounding for integral activism in the world.  We will also touch on the idea of a “Toolkit for the Metacrisis,” an evolving design project aimed at helping increase our responsiveness to this time between worlds.


United States / Canada

Daniel is a denizen of the territory of Coast Salish people, living partly in Bellingham WA and partly in the Canadian Gulf Islands.  He is a lifelong educator who co-founded an experiential high school in the 1990s and has run educational programs around the world. Daniel currently works as an educational consultant, coach, and writer.  He is passionate about fostering change through integral consciousness and works as a climate justice and Indigenous rights activist.  Daniel earned a BS in Environmental Studies and an MA in Educational Design.  He and his lifelong partner, Lisa, have three amazing adult children.  His passions include woodcarving, martial arts, playing music, skiing, paragliding, and rambling wildly through the woods.