A Downside Up view of reality! Integral Africa!

IEC Conference: cancelled

The Integral+ Practice of Leadership & Coaching is a way of facilitating deep transformative change & healing towards integration at a personal, group & structural level. Codified into various levels of programme work, the journeys of deep learning through consciousness practice & action for impact has enabled Paddy to influence the thinking & practice of coaching & leadership at post-conventional levels. Holding her work with Susanne Cook Greuter, Otto Scharmer, & African academics & practitioners, creates a place in which a deep democracy interweaves with the ground of beingness as conceptualised & practised by the African wisdom traditions. Translated & operationalised into real-time considerations of the western colonialization of the African (global) mindsets, this work is calibrated towards developmental states of individual, group & national relevance & is being utilised to grow the SA Leadership. The coaching work goes beyond coaching to include Integral African practitioner capacity to work in an environment that shatteringly complex & both awful and beautiful. In a world that needs intentional consciousness, acupuncture points are assessed to grow an integral & holistic awareness & practice for those working in health, education, leadership & simply trying to survive. This work has changed me & the path is the work. Some of the journeys documented will be shared to demonstrate the process.


South Africa

Paddy has spent her life T work facilitating the growth of consciousness & healing in her person, & with others in the roles as psychologist, coach, teacher, leader& integral facilitator/practitioner. Using a unique adaptation of Wilber’s Integral Theory in her work, she has become a thought leader & recognised as a pioneer in the field of learning, coaching & leadership. She is passionate about integrating the essential beingness of an African way into her embodiment teaching & practice.