A Perspective of Love

IEC Conference: cancelled

This paper discusses the possible problems in interpreting mettā (loving-kindness) as an objective energy that exists outside of consciousness. It is suggested that that interpretation may be a reification of loving-kindness. Understanding benevolence as empirically sensed energy might be a modern interpretation of an ancient concept. A scientific explanations of this concept, as something that is evident in the environment might not be what “the Buddha”- well known as “Enlightened One” intended when describing it. Instead, the Buddha may have meant that loving-kindness is simply a quality of consciousness that promotes love to all beings from the perspective of the observer. Late on, in this paper will be discussed that how can we apply it by ethical way in a society for fetching peace and harmony not only human beings also animals.



Venerable Shimo Sraman is a Buddhist Monk and mindfulness master. He studied for a bachelor of arts at the religious studies department and pursued his Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies at Graduate School, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Thailand. Also, he obtained a Mindfulness master’s diploma from International Buddhist Studies College, Thailand. Ven. Sraman is currently associated with playing an active role in multiple remote aboriginal peoples and neglected Buddhists. His field of work is mainly peace studies, conflict management, peaceful means, socio-cultural development, developing human values, and retaining a calm mind by practicing moral conduct and ethical perspective followed by righteous religious teachings. He is now a teacher at Wat Mai Amatarot School, Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, venerable Shimo Sraman is currently active as an independent scholar, namely a few articles and papers has been delivered by him at national and international conferences.