Are we asking the right question?

IEC Conference: 2023

What would Planetary Awakening 2.0 look like? Could it be that we are asking the wrong question? Could it be that the planet is already awake?

All paths to awakening, inevitably reach a point where there is nothing to be “done”. And the realization that there was no “path” per se; that everything was and is and has always been perfect the way it is.

The difficulty to accept this position is that the circumstances around us are not “good”. We are trying to make the world, fit a picture of what we consider to be “good”. But what if we don’t need to awaken for things to be “good”, but to help others be “as good as they know how to be”?

Translation Vs Transformation, as Wilber explains it, is not a matter of assisting the planet in awakening, not transforming or moving people from one stage (Structures or States) to another, rather assisting ourselves and others in translating their lives to be “good” according to what fits them or their environments, one little piece at a time.

It could go something like this; I.N.T.E.G.R.A.L.

REFAAT, Mohamed


Mohamed Refaat is an Integral Consciousness, Spirituality, and Leadership Speaker, Trainer, and Coach.


A Pharmacist by education, his career spans 14 years, working in 4 different countries, for 3 different major multinational corporations, where he worked as a pharmaceutical salesperson himself for several years, taught selling skills, designed selling skills courses and field-coaching salespeople as well. He has also worked in customer engagement, project management, business intelligence, training and education management before dedicating himself to the study and teaching of Integral Mindset, Consciousness, and Personal-Evolution.


In his pursuit of self-mastery and evolution, Mohamed began directing his focus to the field of Consciousness and Awakening, at which point he began his studies of the Enneagram, Consciousness studies, and Integral Metatheory. He is now a Certified Enneagram Practitioner, and a Certified Integral Enneagram Practitioner from the IEA-certified school of Enneagram Egypt.


Mohamed joined the John Maxwell Team since 2018 and is a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with the JMT. He is also an Associate Certified ICF-Coach and a Certified DISC Personality-model Practitioner.


He has spoken to audiences small and large and is best known for his ability to tailor and simplify his delivery of complex topics to suit any type of audience. And his fluency in both English and Arabic along with his world-class speaking skills give him the agility to always drive his message home. His workshops, trainings and talks have been described as inspiring, motivating, thought-provoking, engaging, and fun.

Mohamed is the creator and author of the Leading with Consciousness model, combining levels of consciousness from the Integral Theory with Leadership development to help improve the outcome of leadership development efforts. He also created the Quantum Consciousness program, the first course of its kind in the region to combine a deep review of Quantum Physics with various maps of consciousness and Integral Theory.


He has spoken and taught on various topics from Leadership, Integral Consciousness, Critical Thinking, and Communication, to Sales, Coaching, and Public Speaking.


You can follow his ongoing online series on both YouTube and Facebook:







  • Creator and author of the Leading with Consciousness model and 5-part program.
  • Creator and author of the Quantum Consciousness 3-part program.
  • Leadership training at El Seweidy Electric, including Leadership, Communication, Team Dynamics, Negotiation, and Personality Styles.
  • (From Goals to Growth) at Parkville Pharmaceuticals.
  • Several Mastermind Groups on personal growth and leadership with attendees including Country Managers of several Multinational Pharmaceutical companies, other middle-level managers and a number of independent entrepreneurs.
  • (Developing The Leader Within You) and (Mindset Lessons for a Time of Change) delivered to teams of MSD, Roche, and Amgen pharmaceutical companies.
  • Designed a complete fully-customized sales force training curriculum for Roche Pharmaceuticals KSA.
  • Selling Skills, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, and Personality Styles training workshops for Roche Pharmaceuticals KSA.
  • Several Public Seminars and Guest Speaking on topics of (Leadership & Communication), (Becoming A Person of Influence), (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), (The 15 Laws of Growth), (DISC model of Personality Styles), and (Quantum Consciousness)