Deep Dive Into Primal Stance

IEC Conference: cancelled

This workshop is designed to offer you insight into your earliest (stages 1 and 2) programming which generates the Primal Stance you take in your life. This Stance is comprised of trust/mistrust and domination/submission, two axes generating four combinations of positions. Your deepest, pre-verbal shadow is discovered here. being pre-verbal, it is not fully amenable to cognitive enquiry, because your earliest experiences are all-over bodily ones.

So: we will work with the body. We will build safety in the we-space and play. Slowly we regress as we fully inhabit our bodies. Then we engage in exercises solo, in pairs or as a group. We do not talk, although we may make noise, we do not touch physically and we keep our clothes on. Some of these exercises can be intense and you can step out of them if you need to.

After the deep-dive, we resurface, regroup and share. I will offer some mapping of Integral early-stage development onto Leary’s eight-circuit model to contextualise your experiences. We end with a discussion of how your pre-verbal experiences influence your post-verbal Centauric awareness.


United Kingdom

I met and fell in love with KW’s work in 1983, the year I started meditating and practising yoga. I have worked as a psychotherapist since 1997, much of this time from the Manchester Institute For Psychotherapy. I have qualified in several modalities including Certified Integral Psychotherapist. I have worked as an Associate Life Coach (Integral Coaching Canada) since 2018. My current interest is in development of the Centaur as key to second tier growth, and, to this end, I am a Lead Facilitator for Awaken As Love, an organisation which combines Integral Theory with Neotantra, shamanism and BioDanza. I live in Brighton, UK