Marbella I-II., Ibiza I-II.
May 23, Tuesday
09:00 – 12:00
Budapest (CEST)

Embody Your True Self: Awaken through VR & beyond

IEC Conference: 2023

We, at Infinity Speaks, are delighted to invite you to an interactive 3 hour pre-conference workshop.

Given these intense times, the workshop’s purpose is to create spaces for people to connect more deeply with their true self, embody more inner peace and togetherness.

There will be three journeys for each participant to experience:

• An embodied experience through the power of breathing, voice and movement

• An immersion in our VR app, designed to expand wonder and consciousness, including a guided meditation for letting go

• A live meditation supported by audio and visuals

The workshop will be facilitated by our experienced team, who will hold space for connecting, reflecting, supporting, group sharing conversations and questions that arise.

Following our 2022 IEC online workshop, we are grateful to offer an in-person workshop at IEC 2023 and invite people to journey with us towards greater inner peace, self-awareness and our collective awakening.

Because of our limited numbers of VR headsets, we can welcome 18 participants. So we can plan ahead, if you’d like to participate we would appreciate you sending us a message at

Thank you.
The Infinity Speaks team


United Kingdom / Germany

As a conscious technologist Julius has found his Ikigai in creating transformative tech applications for more mindful, heartful and meaningful interactions. Through synchronicities this has brought him to Infinity Speaks where he is mostly wearing the hats of a developer and interaction designer to craft soul-touching VR experiences. Besides his fascination for VR he truly believes in the potential of neurotech to increase consciousness and wellbeing. Thus he parallely also works as product manager on a biotech platform where he brings his heart and vision in to treat mental health conditions using biofeedback.



Johanne is a healing artist, soul doula and conscious entrepreneur. Passionate about the power of heart, listening and presence, she holds spaces for deeper reconnection with our truth and creative essence. As Lothoniel, she expresses her love for harmony, beauty and nature through singing, music and dance. For over 20 years, she experienced many stages and collaborations around the world while guiding people in their own creative adventures and inner journeys. Her path of exploration with voice, sound and body work continuously shows her how to transmute pain into life forces. And as a voice guide and creativity coach, she inspires and celebrates people in their growth, empowerment and rebirth. Her calling is to live a path of embodied creativity, wisdom and love supported by her vision to co-create a world where we are reconnected to our sovereignty, freedom and peace. In that spirit, she is dedicated to the music, meditation and content creation at Infinity Speaks.

STORCK, Anna Dr.

Poland / Germany

Highly flexible and adaptable global talent consultant and an excellent communicator with a sensitive approach to important and often complex issues. In her 30-year career in the field of education she has worked for several international brands and business organisations, government administration institutions, non-governmental organisations and renowned higher education institutions in Poland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, the US, India and New Zealand among others.



David has a background in environmental studies, spiritual and life force practices and is a crypto enthusiast. In a phase of transformation in his life, David has been guided through synchronicities to meet the Infinity Speaks team and project at the perfect timing. His current role is the implementation of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) for the project and making sure that everything works smoothly with the blockchain of choice, Cardano. With the advent of a more digitized and virtual world, he believes that we need to bring more consciousness and high vibrations into that realm, so that those technologies can benefit humanity and its development.

XU, Minghao

France / Germany

Ming is an artist and filmmaker specialized in illustrating invisible realms and inner journeys. In his artistic projects Void Visuals and Ambient Sanctum, he combines his experiences of exploring the spectrum of consciousness with the technical skills of digital animation and music. Along with his own productions, Ming’s works have been used in many documentaries and publications around the world. Together with Alistair, Ming is the Co-founder of Infinity Speaks and is currently leading the art direction and game development.