May 26, Friday
15:30 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)

Global Community Game – integral simulation game

IEC Conference: 2023

Integral Transformation meets Gamification: The GlobalCommunity Game @IEC Conference: 2023

This workshop addresses all integral facilitators and enablers who already have experience in stage development models. The GlobalCommunity Game® combines our many years of integral evolution practice with modern gamification approaches. It offers an immersive and highly engaging learning experience with a wow effect that can be easily replicated, thanks to its game- intensive didactics.

Our goal is to make integral theory know-how available to as many people as possible. Therefore, we have developed a powerful tool for everyone that can deepen and accelerate the process towards more resilience, self-leadership, evolutionary purpose, and integral development.

Our game offers participants the opportunity to go through the different evolutionary levels of consciousness and organizational forms in real-time. This enables them to experience situationally changing challenges and unpredictabilities in a safe environment and solve them cooperatively – not only for the good of themselves or their organization, but also for the good of the Earth and global society.

FUCHS, Michael


Michael is committed to helping people identify and breakthrough the hidden challenges that hold them back from reaching their full potential in all areas of life. By utilizing deep awareness and reconnecting with the body, heart and mind he enables you to reorganize yourself and create a new mindset. His participants experience both immediate and long term shifts that include integrated life, fulfilling relationships, authentic personal power and a greater sense of inner peace and meaning.



Jochen Messner (born 1974) has been a management consultant in the field of organizational development for nearly 20 years. He advises international and medium-sized companies, artists, NGOs and trains middle and top management.

Messner’s work focuses on business transformation based on system cybernetic approaches and depth psychology. His core competencies include the constructive handling of complexity and social dynamics in teams and management. His consulting style offers a rare combination of humorous ease and fundamental depth. Messner’s thoughts and actions are based on the diversity of his interests and talents and are reflected in his exceptional career-path: social therapy, SOMA therapy, outdoor training, management consultant, composer, game developer, speaker and specialist book author.

With his publications “Leadership in a VUCA World” and the interactive simulation “AgileDynamicsGame®” he succeeds in re-anchoring integrity, meaningfulness and vitality in the core of a modern leadership and organizational culture.  

Educational Background

    • SOMA Therapy (Wiesbaden)
    • Lumina Learning (London) Value Match, Spiral Dynamics (Amsterdam) SHL Assessments (Frankfurt)
    • Psychology (Hagen)
    • Systemic Organizational Consultant & Business Coach (Hamburg) 
    • Flowteam Facilitation (Hamburg),
    • Systemic Coach und Communikation-Trainer (Köln) 
    • Ropes Course Trainer (ERCA Hannover)
    • Study of social affairs and music therapy (Würzburg)
    • Editor private broadcast (Würzburg) 
    • DAV Sports Climbing Instructor (Köln)
    • Paramedic (DRK)



Jahn is an experienced founder of startups and also serves as a mentor for such companies. He is particularly interested in acting in the role of an enabler to help others achieve their goals. Jahn is a staunch user of Spiral Dynamics and has been trained as an integral leader in a rapidly changing business world. His knowledge encompasses contemporary business models, go-to-market strategies, building self-leading teams, and deep, authentic relationships. Through his practical experience, Jahn has learned the importance of applying developmental models and inner work. His goal is to establish the integral practice in the wider business world to provide integral impulses to as many people as possible and contribute to a values-based society.

As co-developer of the GlobalCommunity Game, he brings a tool for coaches that playfully inspires people and organizations on their path to greater self-leadership, inner purpose and wholeness.