Integral Church

IEC Conference: cancelled

Integral Church is a network of communities actively building a religion of the future — one that embraces both science and spirit, history and mythology, nature and technology, contemplation and action.

Integral Church is home for those who identify with more than one faith tradition as well as the “spiritual but not religious” or religiously unaffiliated. We offer circles in the US and Hungary as well as book studies, hiking, potlucks, dance, art-as-meditation, volunteer opportunities and more.

Join us and plug into a community of diverse and intergenerational bridge-builders committed to personal development, interfaith dialogue, serving their community, healing their planet, deepening their spiritual practice and exploring the space between.

SAMODAI, Katalin


Inspiring people to wake up to their own Souls – that is my mission.
As an integral counsellor, I am working with people in order to let them find their own beauty within, rise, shine and be able to build relationships from this inner place. Doing Family Constellation work has the same goal, touching upon it on a deeper level. The Integral Church circles offer a possibility to anybody to find ways to his/her own Soul, own spirituality by simply being together heart-by-heart.