Play Room
May 26, Friday
07:00 – 08:00
Budapest (CEST)

Integral Yoga Meditation

IEC Conference: 2023

Integral Yoga Meditation is a spiritual path. It combines & integrates body, breath & spirit to a holistic way of practice. Asanas, mindful breathing, praṇayama, chanting, recitation, silent meditation, walking meditation, darśan are all part of its path. This integrative practice is the groundwork and preparation for yoga/ samādhi.

In this morning workshop, we will practice gentle asanas, praṇayama and mindful breathing to allow a state of stillness and peace in us.
Everyone is welcome, even if you have no yoga experience so far.

WINNING, Caroline


Caroline Winning supports the integral development of organizations and individuals. She is a psychologist, trainer for nonviolent communication, integral coach and works with systemic constellations in the field of transgenerational trauma. In her work she links shadow work with transpersonal development fostering a healthy, grounded spirituality. With Human Evolve, she created an intensive year-long program for the inner development of our inherent human qualities like empathy and inner wisdom. She practices meditation and mindfulness and looks back at more then 22 years of experience in organisational and individual development in global companies, non-profit, universities and social institutions.