Integrate your body in your life

IEC Conference: cancelled

Katinka Sánchez is a cultural anthropologist, embodiment trainer and biography coach. 25 years of listening and experiencing with people, as well as her interest in the idea of an “anthropology of movement” that enables social change, has led to the development of the „KörperSinn“ method. This offers process- and resource-oriented learning paths to promote self-awareness and the perception of others through the “body sense” and organic learning processes with movement and bodyfullness, to support facilitative communication, and to train people who want to include embodiment in work and everyday life.

In this workshops I offer a deep experience of the wisdom of  your body and how it relates to your experience of life. Every body who has a body is welcome to this process.

SANCHEZ, Katinka

Spain / Germany

Vita: Katinka Sanchez Elsner

Education and study

09/2010-11/2014 training as a biography consultant

Academy for Applied Biography Work, Mannheim

11/1994 – 05/1998 Feldenkrais Practitioner training

Feldenkrais Method at the Institute for Movement Studies, CA USA

09/1987–09/1993 Magister Ethnology, Sociology, Psychology

Focus on dance and theater anthropology

09/1982-09/1985 training “flow massage” after Dr. Pressel

Work Experience with Embodiment

  • 2011-2012 University of Cologne, Faculty of Philosophy  with PhD Dr. Alexander L: Zepter
  • 2008-2014 seminars “Voice and Feldenkrais” with Francesca Simone, singer and singing teacher Cologne/Lindlar
  • 2003 Master for Guitar, Extremadura Cáceres (Spain) with Ricardo Jesus Gallen Garcia
  • 2002-2003 Alanus University Cologne, fundamental studies
  • 2001-2003 University of Cáceres (Spain) Faculty of Music and Pedagogy, with Leandro Lorrio Castro
  • 2000 University of Cologne, Faculty of Education with Prof. Dr. Marita Bombek
  • 1998–2019 Regular Feldenkrais and embodiment courses
  • 09/1995–dato Self-employed as movement facilitator and Embodiment Trainer

Co-Founder  of KörperSinn Methode GbR with Anna Carina Heimer

  • 1986-1988 massage practitioner Dr. Press massage

Professional experience dance

  • 2000-2014 Dance and Feldenkrais Seminars with Clara Duncker (musicologist) and PD Dr.Alexandra Zepter
  • 2000-2004 Dance Teaching Project; „Esternon Agitado”
  • 1999 performance artist for agencies and artists
  • 1999 Sports University Dance Faculty, with Prof. Dr. Hartman

Advanced training

Daria Halprin , Health practitioioner, Dance Method Rosalia Chladek,  Silent Chi Gong,, Theater Anthropology Odin Teatret