Love, Power & Purpose

IEC Conference: 2023-pending

What does a world look like, where love and power are united in service of purpose?
We invite you on a journey of exploration: What is power? What is power without love? What is love? What is love without power? And what emerges, when those two universal drives are united and this unification expresses itself in service of people and planet and the greater whole?
Let us explore these questions and co-create new narratives. Let us envision and embody this world. Let us put our minds, hearts, spirits and hands into service of people and planet, into service of wholeness, and into service of humanity’s future on Earth.



Bringing three decades of entrepreneurial experience and pioneering new ways of organizing, Christiane today is deeply engaged in finding practical applications for human endeavors to serve people and planet equally. As a partner of Evolution at Work and, her work is driven by the intention to support the ongoing universal shift of consciousness through co-creating new ways for enterprises to follow self-organizing principles, thus shifting power from “power over” to “power with”.

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