Mindful Leadership Key-Note

IEC Conference: cancelled

Something has brought you here. You are already on the spiritual path, but
you know there is so much more love, creativity, and abundance waiting on the
other side of your fears. You have been playing small long enough. It’s time to rise up and activate the energy of leadership within you. Our online cacao ceremony
will guide you through a step-by-step process to embody your inner king-queen.
This is a safe container where you will connect to other seekers around the globe
while learning the core principals of mindful leadership and sacred activism.
What negative patterns and addictions have been holding you back? Who do you
want to be for your community? How does the energy of leadership feel, speak
and show up in your life? This talk is for you if you are tired of
playing small and want to manifest your divine purpose on the planet.



Daniel is a Colombian healer, MA psychotherapist, and meditation teacher. He has integrated his knowledge into a soulful blend of mindfulness and integral healing. Daniel has had the privilege of studying with great teachers around the world: Amazonian shamans, clinical psychologists, Buddhist monks. He is the founder of the Self-Love project, an online platform for personal transformation. Daniel’s hypnotic tracks and courses have been