Marbella I.
May 25, Thursday
16:45 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)

Purpose Clarity and Alignment: Your Evolving Role

IEC Conference: 2023

We’re evolving faster than ever, as personal and spiritual development tools allow the completion of developmental tasks and resolution of trauma and shadow. We traverse the spiral to the next stage of development with greater awareness of Self and the contexts in which we live, capable of ever-expanding perspectives. However, rediscovering ourselves at each stage of human development can be a daunting task without Purpose clarity and alignment. 

This experiential workshop will provide a conceptual schema (The Purpose Flywheel) and a toolkit by which you can begin to explore your own Purpose. In this session, you will uncover the golden thread of Purpose within your life story. You will become more adept at finding the shadow elements that live within you, which prevent the organic unfolding of your true nature. And you will explore what your next evolved expression may be, so you can contribute your unique one-of-a-kind gifts and find your vital role in this critical time. 

WOODS, Holly PhD

United States

Holly Woods PhD is founder of Emergence Institute, a strategic consulting and coaching firm with a near 40-year track record in helping visionaries, innovators and founders create innovative purpose-driven products and businesses that not only impact the world but create sustainable revenue and meaningful work. Using the validated Purpose Flywheel and an expansive toolkit, she helps them gain purpose precision, master their mindset, resolve unconscious limitations, and gain traction for an inspired, abundant and impactful life and business.

Holly earned a PhD in Human & Organization Development and is certified as an Integral Master Coach and Professional Mediator. She has served as advisor, coach consultant, or mentor to numerous founders in various stage of start-up, scale-up or transition to new products in most industries. As a scientist, she conducted action research to assess adequacy of human resources at the community level, and researched product design and development, innovation strategies and distribution. She is the author of the bestseller The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life.