Ibiza I.
May 25, Thursday
16:45 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)
May 27, Saturday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Shadow Work and Narcistic Trauma in Organizations

IEC Conference: 2023

At the beginning, a short presentation is given to introduce the topic:
The pressure to adapt to the conditions of an organization can be understood as a narcissistic trauma. In our personal socialization strategies develop how we deal with this trauma. Often an organization develops a momentum of its own in which the pressure to adapt is not reflected. The interaction of personal strategies and organizational structures is a constant field of tension. Conscious handling is an important characteristic of an “integral” organization.

This is followed by an imagination exercise: It is about sensitizing the learned strategies in dealing with the pressure to adapt in organizations. Already as children we develop strategies in dealing with parents, kindergarten and school. Later it is the education and the professional life which takes place in organizations.

This is followed by an exchange of experiences with the focus on how my personal strategies are reflected in my current dealings with organizational structures.

Afterwards results from the work of Integrales Forum holacratic shadow circle will be presented with the desire to start a further exchange with other integral organizations on the subject.

ADAM, Ralf


Ralf Adam is Psychologist and Psychological Psychotherapist working with behavior therapy, therapy based on depth psychology, Adult & child and adolescent psychotherapy, group therapy practicing procedures. His other areas of focus are: gestalt therapy body psychotherapy Holotropic Breath Therapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, EMDR trauma therapy, couples therapy and mindfulness-based therapy sex therapy.
He ist member of: State Chamber of Psychotherapists Baden-Württemberg, BDP professional association of German psychologists, dgvt-bv professional association of psychosocial professions, BVPPT professional association for counseling, education and psychotherapy, dgvt German Society for Behavior Therapy e.V., DFT German society for depth psychological well-founded psychotherapy, SEN Spiritual Emergence Network / Network for spiritual development and crisis support.
His spiritual path is that of a tibetan buddhist.
As circle lead of the circle “shadow” within Integral Forum e.V. he develops solutions for shadow work at the focal point of individuals, roles and organization within a non-profit whose purpose is the dissemination of integral theory and practice.



Daniela Borschel contributes as a business priestess, with a generous heart, a clear understanding, and quite a pinch of healing power. She explores leadership and dialogue at the intersection of spirituality and business.

She studied International Management, she is an Integral Consultant and Coach, an Intercultural Trainer, Constellator and Facilitator. She is the main circle lead of Integrales Forum (a NGO of German speaking countries), promoting holistic thinking and integrative action, in the spirit of the Integral Theory by Ken Wilber and other thinkers.

FISMER, Raymond


Born 1956, father of an adult son, physicist. Work experience in adult education and ecological engineering. 3-year trainer education at CoreDynamik©-Institut (based on depth-psychology, body therapy and breathwork). Administration officer at Bundesforum Männer, Germany’s umbrella organization for gender equality from a masculine perspective. Workshop leader, author and researcher on male development. Board member of Integrales Forum.

WINNING, Caroline


Caroline Winning supports the integral development of organizations and individuals. She is a psychologist, trainer for nonviolent communication, integral coach and works with systemic constellations in the field of transgenerational trauma. In her work she links shadow work with transpersonal development fostering a healthy, grounded spirituality. With Human Evolve, she created an intensive year-long program for the inner development of our inherent human qualities like empathy and inner wisdom. She practices meditation and mindfulness and looks back at more then 22 years of experience in organisational and individual development in global companies, non-profit, universities and social institutions.